FREE PROJECT BOAT – Could be worth a look….NEW

One Design with shallow draft potentially great for the Broads?

24ft 6” length 7ft 6” beam

Lug rig

Plywood construction fiber glass sheathed very strong

Semi long keel lead ballasted and encapsulated in resin. Bulkheads in an decks. Rudder installed. Deck fittings and unit fronts all ready for fitting. Mast windows ect all ready. Practically everything is there including the sea toilet.

Sails already made by Jeckells of Wroxham

Yacht concept is a design for easy navigation on the Norfolk broads but also suitable for anywhere. The yacht is a practical design to accomodate a comfortable interior for its size.

£6000 spent

The boat is in his driveway in Norwich and. Will need collecting from there by placing on a trailer or dedicated transport.