The IBTC Lowestoft put on an impressive display at the Southampton Boat Show in September this year. Our stand showed off the high level of skill attained by its students with examples of clinker and carvel planking on our showboat, alongside “Wee One”, a lovely rowing skiff built at the college 5 years ago and recently returned for a repair to her oxford blue livery.

The 10 day show is an essential part of the marine industry’s calendar, with most of the major yacht manufacturers and material and hardware suppliers represented. It was good to catch up with former students too, including Adrian Donovan whose beautiful wooden boats were a definite highlight of the show in terms of quality and finish.

Such quality from students past and present is testament to the expertise of our 4 main instructors Dave, Rob, Pete and Ian who became a talking point of the Show, along with Foreman Ted the dog. Unable to attend in person for the whole 10 days, they caused great amusement in the form of cardboard cut-outs, each one displaying their extensive experience of which we are very proud as it adds up to an astonishing 160 years (not including Ted’s dog years!).