SEA Short Grant Application Form

You must be part of one of these schemes to participate.
For NHS UK provide vessel name, vessel ID and current location. For Shipshape Network Businesses, please provide business name and Shipshape region
If you are the owner please attach proof of ownership of your vessel/business If you are an employee please attach your contract of employment or supporting letter by your employer If you are a volunteer please attach your volunteering contract or supporting letter by the sailing organisation Please note: all the documents have to be on headed paper and/or stating the name of the business and/or organisation We recommend pdf, Word or OpenOffice formats. Thank you.
(max 500 words)
If yes, please submit details of funding organisation, year and amount
I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions laid out in the attached document.
Declaration: I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I may be held liable for it.


    • You satisfy at least one of the following requirements:
    • You own, are regularly employed or volunteer for a NHS UK registered vessel.

This can include either the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV) or the National Historic Fleet (NHF).
Your registration has to be valid for the year 2017 and the vessel has to be registered with NHS UK for more than one year.
The vessel has to be permanently based within the UK.

      • You own, are regularly employed or volunteer for a business part of the Shipshape Network national directory.
      • Your application for the SEA Grants Scheme needs to be submitted to us and approved to meet the criteria set above at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course you wish to attend.
      • You can apply only once per year; with the available period ending in December 2017
      • You can apply to only one course per category
      • You commit yourself to attend the selected courses. Any cancellation must be made at least one week before the beginning of the course by sending an email at [email protected]
      • The application can only be individual and personal.
      • The SEA Grants Scheme won’t cover any travel, accommodation, food, or any other cost incurred in attending the course selected.
      • All the document provided during the application process have to be on headed paper and/or stating clearly the name and address of the vessel, company or organisation applying.
      • If the vessel you are working on is put on the market, the business sold or the person leaving the applicant company before the beginning of the course we reserve the right to withhold the grant.
      • All applications must be for future courses – no grant can be issued for training already undertaken.
      • Each application is assessed individually regardless from the company/vessel applying.
      • Grants are not interchangeable
      • The course must be completed accordingly to the booking dates
      • In case of impossibility to attend the courses, the person, vessel or company won’t receive any monetary reimbursement
      • In case of cancellation of the course the applicant will be contacted with reasonable notice and re-booked to the same course but on new dates
      • The SEA Grants Scheme will continue provide training courses until the extinction of the allocated budget
      • If you wish to apply via post please call IBTC Lowestoft: 01502 569663 or National Historic Ships UK: 0208 312 8558
      • Only application made with the official application pack will be accepted
      • IBTC Lowestoft and National Historic Ships UK keep the right to withdraw the grant in case of any occurring eventuality which could compromise the attendance to the course
      • Standard IBTC Terms and Conditions for courses apply