Short Courses at the IBTC Lowestoft

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Introduction to Woodworking

4.5 Days - £600 inc VAT Suitable for complete beginners through to those looking to further develop their woodworking skills, the course delivers training through practical projects, which can then be applied in both the workplace and at home. Areas covered: Working with hand tools and their maintenance; Timber preparation; Practical housing methods of sawing and chiselling; Halving joints; Mortice and tenons. Use of adhesives. On completion of this introductory course many make the decision to progress on [...]

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics)

4.5 day Course - £680 inc Vat GRP 4.5 days This ‘hands on’ course provides a comprehensive understanding of the use and treatment of GRP through practical exercises supported by theory for use in the maintenance of GRP craft. The course consists of two main practical tasks: Lay up of a GRP bow section followed by damage simulation and two types of repair; Lay up of a small deck moulding which after trimming will be bonded to the [...]

  • RYA Diesel Engine

RYA Diesel Engine – 1 day course

RYA Diesel Engine RYA Diesel Engine 1 day Course  – £110 inc Vat A one-day beginners’ guide to help you prevent and solve diesel engine failure. The course teaches how a diesel engine works, how to keep it healthy using basic checks and maintenance procedures and how to restart in the event of a breakdown. Topics covered include: Principles of diesel engine operation; Systems and parts of the engine; Fault finding; Rectification of common problems; Bleeding the fuel [...]

  • Router Course

Router Course

3 day Course - £460 inc Vat Router Course An intensive, practical course providing an introduction to routers and router use incorporating the relevant aspects of health and safety. Centred around building your own custom-made router table, you will develop all the skills and techniques required to make full use of your router. For this course, you will require a router of ‘trade’ or ‘industrial’ capacity, with a half-inch collet and fine height adjustment capability. The finished router [...]

Caulking Course

2 day Course - £320 inc Vat Caulking Course The course covers the preparation of oakum bails required for seaming, how to spin the oakum to fit the size of seam. Moving on to an introduction to the different types of irons and tools used in the caulking process. Examples are given of challenges faced across a variety of vessels and appropriate measures required to remedy them. Students are given the opportunity to put their new knowledge into [...]

Lofting Course

3 to 4 day Course -  £160 per day inc Vat The course length is flexible depending on the complexity of the craft to be lofted. The course takes designers’ drawings and develops them on the loft floor. You will learn to produce full size drawings correcting any minor design errors to ensure fair hull and make softwood patterns from them to construct a new boat. Resources Download the course pdf. See the available [...]

Basic Boat Plumbing and Electrics

2 day Course - £320 inc Vat Providing a solid grounding of basic plumbing and electrics the course consists of the following elements: Electrical theory including electrical definitions, Ohms law, cables, fuses, circuits, batteries, generators, solar and wind chargers; Explanation of a typical marine domestic hot water system including engine cooling, fresh water & bilge pump systems, tanks and pipework, cockpit drains etc; Introduction to marine gas systems. Resources Download the course pdf. [...]

Ropework, Knots and Splicing

2 day Course – £320 inc Vat A broad introduction to rope work techniques, the course consist of the following elements: A range of splices and whippings on traditional three-strand rope; Rope to wire splice and eye splice in modern double braid yacht rope; Stitched and whipped eye in solid braid. Over 30 different knots from the everyday to more specialised. Resources Download the course pdf. See the available course dates. Click [...]

Traditional Rigging and Wirework

3 day Course - £460 inc Vat Providing a sound introduction to traditional rigging and wirework techniques. The course covers: Identifying wire types; Learning about tools and materials; Hand splicing a hard eye into 10mm 6 x 19 galvanised wire rope using a Liverpool splice; Worming, parcelling and serving; The board of trade wire splice; Making and serving wire rope seizings. Resources Download the course pdf. See the available course dates. Click [...]

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