Rescue Boats, Projects and Donor Boats

At the IBTC we are often offered rescue boats. Most are interesting and undoubtedly, some are worth saving, but not all are appropriate to the college.

Our students have to experience every aspect of wooden boatbuilding across many different disciplines, and that means each intake will do (at least) one task of each skill on a boat build. For that reason, we will need a boat that needs caulking, another that needs a deck, another than might need a clinker plank renewed. What we don’t have space for are 12 boats all needing the same type of work…

Where we cannot find an immediate home for a boat, we will offer them here. What we hope is for one of the following scenarios.

  1. A student will take on the boat as a project
  2. A business or benefactor will sponsor the rebuild helping a young student with the course fees
  3. A business or benefactor will sponsor the rebuild by helping with material costs

It is important to note that we are not boat brokers, and have no commercial part to play, but we would be delighted if we can help bring together old boats and new owners.

Unusual One Design near completion

FREE PROJECT BOAT - Could be worth a look....NEW One Design with shallow draft potentially great for the Broads? 24ft 6” length 7ft 6” beam Lug rig Plywood construction fiber glass sheathed very strong [...]

Vagabond Dinghy

Vagabond Sailing Dinghy in Norfolk - Please contact the college for details

Thames Skiff – Circa 1910

Project and Donor Boats Thames Skiff. I am offering a 20 ft Thames Skiff FREE if one of your students will give it a good home, take it on and repair it. It [...]