Build your own boat

At the end of this course you will have completed and launched a boat of up to 5m in length. Restorations as well as new builds can be considered subject to suitability.
A full costing exercise will be undertaken as part of the build process.

The skills acquired will allow you to build further craft with similar build techniques and the transferable nature of skills learnt make them applicable whether for leisure or career prospects.

Whilst our basic joinery and lofting courses are compulsory elements, the exact make up of your course will be discussed before the start to ensure all the necessary elements are covered to successfully complete your build, progressing at your own rate and culminating in the launch of your craft.

Optional Modules –¬†GRP; Stitch & Glue boatbuilding exercise; Backbone Construction, Laminating & Knees; Clinker Planking; Carvel Planking; Block Making, Splicing & Knot Work; Painting, Varnishing & Finishing; Stern Tubes & Prop Shaft Boring; Decks & Decking; Wooden Boat Restoration & more.

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Woodworking & Joinery Skills

An intensive course focusing on a range of woodworking skills suitable for all including those with no previous experience.

Forming the foundation element for both our 47 week boatbuilding and furniture courses it forms the backbone of our college from which our boat builders develop.

Learning through practical exercises you will be instructed how to use a wide variety of hand tools, identify the different woods used in boatbuilding, recognise faults and flaws in timber, use adhesives correctly, recognise and use appropriate screws and fastenings and importantly select woods suitable for specific job.

By the end of the course, you will have produced your own mallet, oil stone box, spirit level, bollow plane, oar, grating and hardwood tool chest to take away with you.

On completion of this course many make the decision to progress on into the boatshed for the full 47 weeks.


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Small Boatbuilding

This 12 weeks Small Boatbuilding course starts with four weeks practical woodworking to learn the necessary skills required.
You then progress through all the stages necessary to build your own boat from constructing the backbone, setting up station moulds, planking, fitting out and finishing. You will also learn the techniques and skills needed to set up and build larger boats of both clinker and carvel construction.

Areas covered within this course include: Care, use & sharpening of tools; Planing & chiselling timber; Joints, including tenon, mortice, half-lap, housing & scarf; Timber seasoning & conversion, defects, measures & sizes; types of wood used in boatbuilding; dovetails; reading of drawings & preparation of cutting lists; production of moulds from drawings; spiling & fitting clinker & carvel planking; preparing jigs; shaping & bending timber and more.

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