In November, the IBTC Lowestoft demonstrated various boatbuilding and shipwright skills to Members and Shipshape Trainees (MAST) of National Historic Ships UK, beneath the copper-bottomed keel of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

Those attending the lunchtime event were joined by staff from the Royal Museums Greenwich which includes the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. Everyone enjoyed college Director Mike Tupper’s entertaining presentation, as Student Seb showed contemporary lamination techniques, former student and professional boat-builder Rob demonstrated how the seams between a vessel’s planks are caulked and took the onlookers through the stages of creating a spar, and Gary demonstrated fine chisel skills by carving lettering into wood. The chips flew as Seb and Mike gave a dramatic demonstration of axe hewing techniques which were used for thousands of years to shape the timbers of larger vessels and ships.

It was a good opportunity for the IBTC to show how ships like Cutty Sark were built and we were delighted to be invited to return to Greenwich in the summer to give a demonstration to the public. The IBTC Lowestoft would be happy to do this type of demonstration at other events, club meetings etc. For information contact [email protected]