IBTC welcomed a new storeman, Gary Breeze, who started in his role in June. Since 1993 Gary has run a successful carving and design studio specializing in architectural lettering. His commissioned work can be seen throughout the UK, notably on the Princess of Wales memorial at Althorp, the Imperial War Museum London, the New Scottish Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and The Victoria and Albert Museum. In 2014 his lettering was used for a stamp commemorating the First World War and 2015 saw the launch of a new fifty pence commemorating the Battle of Britain. Other recent notable commissions include the lettering and carving to the tomb of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral.

No stranger to the college, Gary enrolled as a student in 2015 and built a small Mouse pram dinghy, called the Hopeful Puffin, for his daughter Rosalind.

“I’ve always loved boats and everything about them. I love the way their various shapes are informed by their function and boat-builders have always seemed to me to be the most supreme craftspeople; shaping raw materials into beautiful things that can harness the elements to carry us over water. I first came to look at the IBTC in 1995 and it’s taken me all this time to make it here. I wish I hadn’t left it so long. It is such an amazingly inspiring atmosphere and when this job came up I jumped at the chance to be a permanent part of all that goes on at the college and in the boat yard. Although I’ve worked on some exciting projects over the years it wasn’t a difficult decision for me…”

Before he was able to join the team Gary was part of a two-man team who designed The Antithesis of Sarcophagi Garden  which won a Gold medal and Best Fresh Garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2016.