Project and Donor Boats

Thames Skiff. I am offering a 20 ft Thames Skiff FREE if one of your students will give it a good home, take it on and repair it.

It was built by MESSUMS of Bray on Thames somewhere around 1910. Unusually it is constructed of oak. Single scull with all floorboards, rudder and rear seat included.

It was originally a hire boat at Richmond Bridge so has had a bit of a life and shows the patching and repairs to prove it. I actually enjoyed this patina. However it now needs further repairs and I do not have the skill or resources to carry this out. It certainly needs a new plank on port side stern as there is rot and a small hole above the waterline and the same plank exhibits some rot further forward. (See pictures) I took it to Colin Buttifant but he was of the opinion that further planks would need replacing either side of the keel as the landings were eroded. I do not believe this will be necessary to make the boat usable as another boatbuilder misguidedly skimmed the planks either side of the keel with a glass fibre matting and it has never leaked.

I would imagine someone with the necessary skills could get this boat back on the water and although it might not win a concourse competition it would give an enormous amount of pleasure.

I have just refitted the purpose built trailer and would be willing to sell this at a reasonable cost if required.

The boat is on the eastern outskirts of Norwich.

For further details, please email [email protected]. Thank you.