By Wyona’s owner Michael Rolfe

The arguments against the use of wood for boats of all kinds are well known. Wood is weaker than steel and more expensive to maintain than GRP, not to mention wood boring ship-worms that can gnaw their way through a wooden rudder for breakfast. But so what! There are a growing number of enthusiasts with a passion for wooden boats that overrides all those logical arguments about better, more modern materials and cost. Wood is good. It is graceful and warm and has character.
My little yacht Wyona is a part of history. Built of Oak, Iroko and giant pine trees that once stood over 200 years ago, she should have gone the way of so many wooden boats, but she has been given a new lease of life by the students and staff at the International Boatbuilding Training College, Lowestoft. This awesome team can surely stand as equals in terms of skill and determination with the shipwrights who originally built her in Scotland over a century ago.
If you would like to share your passion for wooden boats and learn new skills, why not get involved by contacting IBTC Lowestoft today! If you would like to donate money to help train a future boat builder, that would be absolutely brilliant! Together we can get Wyona, and boats like her, back in the water and sailing again.