47 Week Furniture Making & Design

Ian Cook, Senior Joinery Instructor

Ian started his career in 1956 with a 5 year joinery apprenticeship at Rosyth dockyard. Moving south in 1963 Ian joined Brook Marine in Lowestoft where he worked for 25 years as a joiner and veneer chargehand. He then spent 3 years with Boulton & Paul and a further 3 years overseeing furniture making at Norfolk Manor.
Ian has taught joinery at IBTC since 1996 and really is one of the best. Affectionately referred to by the students as Yoda it is a pleasure to be taught by him.

Meet Ian:

This extensive course, 47 week Furniture Making & Design, is aimed at teaching all the necessary skills and elements of joinery and furniture making, to enable you to go on to both design and construct your own, individual items of furniture.

Divided into four clear stages, this course will develop your understanding of wood and joinery techniques, while working in our dedicated workshop alongside expert instructors on a number of challenging projects.

Stage 1 is exactly the same as followed by students on the award winning Boatbuilding Course. It introduces you to different types of wood and their properties, the use and care of tools and wood preparation techniques, basic joints and setting out.

Stage 2 builds on the understanding of timber and of basic furniture construction techniques, and gently introduces you to the draughtsmanship and geometry techniques needed.

Stage 3 starts the project modules, with the construction of a bedside unit, chest of drawers, table and chair. Stage 4 this is the big final project to showcase your skills. There are a number of items you can chose from including a Welsh dresser or Roll top desk. Other items of furniture that you might particularly want to construct can also be considered as a final project.

Course typically includes:

The scope and depth of the course is illustrated by the wide range of topics set out below. You cover each of these topics, although not in precisely the same order as shown.

Woodworking Materials
Hardwoods – softwoods – shrinkage – water content – manufactured boards – veneers – adhesives – abrasives – wood properties – grain – texture – colour – feel – smell – durability. Timber Technology

Wood sources – growth – felling – conversion – selection – seasoning – kiln drying – storing
– handling – diseases – rot – attack – working properties – staining – pests – artificial defects – natural defects – durability – terms- joint design and strength.

Woodworking Tools
Uses and abuses – professional use of – cabinet maker’s bench – vices – bench hooks – marking tools – gauges – squares – mitres – saws – planes – chisels – rasps – bits – drills – screwdrivers.

Woodworking Equipment
Safe and professional use of – circular saw – jigsaws – portable planers – high speed routers – veneer trimmers – dovetailing attachments – biscuit jointers – portable sanders – electric drills – air powered tools. Safe and professional use of – circular saw table – cross cut saws – bandsaw – planer – spindle moulder – mortiser – drill press – bench grinder – sander – woodturning lathe – health and safety requirements – dust extraction – woodworking machines regulations – C.O.S.H.H.

Basic Woodworking Techniques
Setting out – marking/laying out – sawing – planing – squaring – edging – thicknessing – squaring ends – truing.

Course Duration:

47 Weeks. Course runs Monday-Thursday 08.00-16.30, Friday 08.00-12.30

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Course fees & terms:

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